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    Landscape , Metal Print

    Fresh Snow at Mitchell’s Cottage

    Winter weather on Symes Road

    Where the road passes the historic Mitchell’s Cottage before snaking up the Old Man Range.

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    Astro , Landscape

    Aurora and Milky Way over Mitchell’s Cottage

    The Milky Way arching over the historic Mitchell’s Cottage

    With a strong Aurora Australis display going off to the South beyond Roxburgh. Taken around midnight 1st September 2019.

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    Alexandra , Astro

    Way Out South of Alex

    Aurora and Milky Way through the back of the Alexandra sign on Roxburgh Road

    Couldn’t resist stopping to snap this on the way home from an epic night of Aurora photography at Mitchell’s Cottage. That’s Jupiter shining through the ‘A’.

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    Torchlight on Puketapu Tower

    LEVEL 1 – Galactic Core behind the Lookout on Pukektapu, Palmerston

    Freezing cold, clear night in Waitaki made the climb up Puketapu well worth it.

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    Alexandra , Astro

    Southern and Bridge Hill Lights

    LEVEL 4 – Aurora Australis shining through Roxburgh Gorge from the banks of the Manuherikia

    Southern Lights illuminate the sky and reflect off the waters at the confluence of the Clutha and Manuherikia rivers. COVID-19 Lockdown, April 2020.