Privileged to tag along with the CORUF Monday walking group most weeks. They’re a great source of inspiration, entertainment, exercise and sussing out great photo spots.

Finding the best spot in the quartzite boulders for morning tea
German Hill

Another Judy classic walk, stunning landscapes and interesting geology and history.

Morning Tea on Rough Ridge
Golden Progress

Windy walk on the Rough Ridge from the Golden Progress mines with the Clyde Offroad Walkers. Oldest walker today was 91. Distance covered about 11km (reduced because of high winds). Video

Above the Fog on the Knobby Range
Walk through the Fog on the Knobby Range

From Shaky Bridge in Alexandra we climbed above the fog into the sunshine on the bike trails and farm tracks into the Knobby Range.

Epic hike to Hope Hut
Little Valley, Big Hike

Glorious day for an epic hike out to Hope Hut from Little Valley station. The return trip involved many cliff scrambles and thorny dead ends as we tried to find a short cut back. Over 24km walked. 32,…

Hike to Hunters Gold Film Set
Hike to Hunters Gold Film Set

Long hike, extended for those wanting to go the extra mile to the set of the 1970s TV series Hunters Gold. Perfect, moody weather for walking and photography.