Video compilation of some of the images and timelapse captured during the COVID Level 4 Lockdown in Alexandra, March and April 2020.

Astrophotography in Alexandra Under Lockdown

No bubbles were burst in the making of this, all taken within walking distance of home.

It was (and still is) dark times with the world living under the onslaught of the virus.

Within and above the darkness, and eerie silence on the streets of town, there is tremendous beauty.

I hope I have succeeded in capturing some of it.

(I put it together with the YouCut video editing app on the phone, so it’s only 1080px, so is fine for viewing on mobile devices but not the greatest quality on bigger screens.)

13th May 2020

Galactic Core over Alexandra Grafitti
Galactic Core over Alexandra Grafitti

26th April 2020

20th April 2020

5th April 2020

1st April 2020

Startrail from the back garden
Back garden star-trails around the Southern Celestial Pole

29th March 2020


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