This was my best weekend ever for experiencing the Southern lights (Aurora Australis). So far.

Friday Night and Saturday Morning

The Aurora prediction app tagged this weekend as likely from a couple of weeks out. The weather was perfect. No clouds and new moon. Perfect.

So just on nightfall me and my lad set out stopping first at Butchers Dam. Nice twilight but not much to see of the expected Aurora.

Not much to see there

Matthew in the twilight at Butchers Dam

Aurora and Galactic Core over Mitchell’s Cottage

I didn’t quite know what I’d captured with thi

On the way home…

Aorora and Gallactic Core behind Alexandra sign
Aurora and Galactic Core from behind Alexandra sign

I like it this way

Reversed view of Aurora from behind Alexandra sign

This is the flipped view of the image. More pleasing to the eye of most except for the most ardent astro-physicists.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning



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