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All printed on Chromaluxe HD metal panels

Weasley’s Car

Abandoned car living its best life in the corner of a paddock in Palmerston.
Vertical panorama of 6 shots taken on 16th March 2021. Printed on Chromaluxe metal, 20″ x 30″. Displayed at Winterstellar 2021.


Ghost Sheep

Aurora from Palmerston, Otago, partially obscured by clouds and curious sheep.
Single frame from a time-lapse sequence taken during Aurora display on 20th March 2021. Printed on Chromaluxe metal, 20″ x 30″. Displayed at Winterstellar 2021.


Fresh Snow at Mitchell’s Cottage

Winter weather on Symes Road

Where the road passes the historic Mitchell’s Cottage before snaking up the Old Man Range.


Aurora and Milky Way over Mitchell’s Cottage

The Milky Way arching over the historic Mitchell’s Cottage

With a strong Aurora Australis display going off to the South beyond Roxburgh. Taken around midnight 1st September 2019.

Latest Project

Winterstellar 2020

Check out our latest project, the Winterstellar Astro Exhibition 2020.

Open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday until the 28th August 2020 at the Central Stories Museum, Alexandra.

Includes works by Stephen Patience, John Ecksmann, Cory Marshall, Paul Le Comte.

The video installation by Stephen and John will blow your mind.


After the Fire at Lake Ohau

Took a walk up Sawyers Creek at Lake Ohau last weekend. It is only five weeks since the devastating forest fire that burnt many homes and damaged much of the landscape.

Different Sounds

Myself, parents and eldest had a memorable few days in Fiordland, New Zealand. Milford Sound was its magnificent, moody self, but the day was highlighted by the exploits of the 82 and 79 year olds Read more…

September Winter Blast

On the morning of 29th September, Central Otago woke up in the grip of an Antarctic blast. Snow was seen in the middle of Alexandra for the first time for years. The orchard counter frost Read more…

Blossom Festival Friday 2020

Hats off to Marty and the other organisers and participants of the 2020 Alexandra Blossom Festival. 4 days after lifting of Covid restrictions, and 2 days before weather bomb. Race Around the Clock Timelapse Firework Read more…

Golden Progress

Windy walk on the Rough Ridge from the Golden Progress mines with the Clyde Offroad Walkers. Oldest walker today was 91. Distance covered about 11km (reduced because of high winds). Video